Here are some Frequently asked questions. You can get your answers from these.

How these test are helpful for me ?

Good question ! On our test portal we provide two type of Mock test.

  • Subject Wise
  • Exam Wise

Subject Wise mock test will help you to get the maximum accuracy level with a boost in your speed.

Exam wise mock test will give a real exposure to the respective exam before going to the main exam. You can practice for exam with analyzing your weak points, to sharpen them.

How Can I Start a Test ?

You can Start a Test by Clicking on “Start Test” Button

Can I mark review Question ?

Yes, You can mark any question as review from the “review” Button. It will make the question number yellow in questions Bar.

How can I end the test before time ?

You can end the test before completion of time By following following steps–>

Quiz Summary –> End Test

How can I check result ?

You result will be visible just after the end of test.

This result will be divided in Category Score and Overall Score.

Can I check correct / incorrect answers ?

Yes, You can check correct / incorrect answers after the test. To check answers you have to click on the view questions button ( This Button will be appear after the test).

Do you also provide Explanations ?

Yes, currently we are providing explanations for aptitude and reasoning questions.

Can I subscribe this site for new Updates ?

Yes, You can subscribe this site for new test via email to get daily updates. We send only 1 mail/day with the recent post link.

Enter Your Email Id below and then click on Subscribe Button. After that fill the image on the box.

You will get an email regrading subscription activation. So don’t forget to activate the subscription to get daily updates.

Get New Test in You Email 

Don’t Forget to activate it in your email

How can I request for New tests ?

You can request for new test via Email ( info@yuvayana.org ), By comment on the post or from the Contact Us page.

Can I Share my article or Experience ?

Yes, this is a very good. You can share your article or experience of previous exam or interview. We will publish it on www.edu.yuvayana.org with your name and Picture (if you want).

Can I also provide mock test ?

Yes, You can provide mock test. For that You have to submit the questions in the MS Word File with answers and explanations at info@yuvayanaorg.

Our teachers will review your questions for error ( if any). If we find these questions are useful then we will make a mock test and publish it with your name and Faceook / Google Plus Profile link ( If you want).

Can I Publish or Sell my Own eBook ?

Yes, now we provide this facility to all teachers. You can publish and sell your eBooks at Yuvayana eCart.

Every person is a master of something and he can teach that to all. So If you think you are perfect in any subject / topic, you can give that a shape of eBook and can earn with that by selling it at Yuvayana eCart.

But you should have to follow some guidelines strictly :

  • We do not publish any copyrighted content.
  • We do not publish copied content from the other websites.
  • We do not publish the pornographic, content that harm religious value, gambling books etc.
  • eBook must be accurate and error free.

To know more about it leave a mail at info@yuvayana.org. Our team member will contact you.

I get moeny for Publishing the test ?

Yes, You can get payment for practice test.

Can I Join Yuvayana Group ?

Yes, We always respect knowledge and if you want to share your knowledge with aspirants then your most welcome.

How Can I join Yuvayana Group ?

E Mail Us your qualification and specialization subject at hr@yuvayana.org. One of our admin will contact you regarding your joining.

How Yuvayana is helpful for me ?

Working with Us, will provide you a platform to interact with the talent inside you. You will get new level of Fame and self confidence.

Apart from that you can use your knowledge to earn money.

Can we provide online Practice Test on this test portal ?

Yes, You can provide online test for your students.

Can we make the content Private ?

Yes, You can make the content private. It will be password protected and only visible for your coaching students and teacher.

What are the Charges ?

The charges depend upon your requirement, So kindly contact us on info@yuvayana.org.

In your email, include the number of Tests per months, Number of Students, time duration of test and special requirement ( if any).

Can we sell our study material at Yuvayana eCart ?

Yes, you can sell your study material at Yuvayana eCart.

For more detail contact us at info@yuvayana.org.

Do we need Technical Knowledge ?

No, Our team will make all the tests. You just have to send us the questions in MS Word File with answers and Explanations.

Do we need to check the Questions manually ?

No, You don’t have to check the questions manually. This is an automated system.