Computer Practice test – 2


Welcome to the computer practice test section. This is our 2nd test on computer basics. As you know guys computer knowledge is essential for this era. Now a days the life is incomplete without computers. Many competitive examinations asked questions from the computer section. If we talk about the banking section then there is a computer knowledge is essential and IBPS, SBI, RBI etc all are giving a section of computer knowledge.

We thought that online test series are very few available in the internet and all the bank started the section of computer as compulsory. So we are here with this test series of computer. In this series we will cover the topics related to the computer from basic level to the higher level. As per the plan we will divide the computer practice test topic wise.

We are starting with the mix computer practice test means in this practice test you will get general questions related to the computer knowledge. After some time we will provide the computer practice test by topics.

Now know about this computer practice test : In this test you will get 20 objective type computer related questions with four choices. This test is a single choice means single answer is correct. So you have to find out the correct answers. This test is divided in the 4 pages and every page contains 5 questions. So when you finish the questions from the first page goto the next page till the next page. Then click on the quiz summary to see how many questions you have attempted. Now to check you result click on the finish quiz button. You can answer by view questions button.

Computer practice test - 2

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