SBI Clerk Prelims Practice Test – 1 ( English)


Read the Instructions Very Carefully Before Starting the Test. 

  • All Questions carrying equal Marks.
  • Negative marking is 1/4th.
  • For unattended or skipped question you will get 0 marks.
  • You can mark a question for review and it will turns Yellow in the question pellet.
  • All attempted questions will turn in Green color.
  • Unattended or skipped questions remain same in white.
  • You can directly goto the any question by clicking on the question number in the question pallet.
  • You can use Clear Answer option, If you selected any wrong answer or don’t want to give the answer.
  • You can directly move to next question by clicking on the next button.
  • This test can work in all mobile devices but we recommend you to attempt test on computer/Laptop.
  • You can Check the result after finishing the test with answer key and explanations.
  • 1-35 – Aptitude
  • 36-70 – Reasoning
  • 71-100 English


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