IBPS RRB 10 September 1st shift Exam Paper : Officer Scale 1


IBPS RRB 10 September 1st shift Exam Paper : Officer Scale 1: Today was the 2nd day of IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 exam and exam was comparatively very easy and also the paper pattern was unexpected like yesterday. In today’s exam they asked around 15 questions from seating arrangement and Puzzle and there were no question from Statement and arguments, statement and conclusion, statement and assumption etc.

And if we talk about the Aptitude section then it was also same as there were 2 DI but no data sufficiency. Aptitude section was also very easy and questions were about 1 to 2 line calculation type. Candidates who prepared with the IBPS RRB Mock tests will score very well in this exam and may be cut off will also may go higher.

Below is the topic wise exam pattern for today’s IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 exam:

 IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 10 September Reasoning:

Seating Arrangement15
Puzzle ( Color )5
Chinese Coding5
Alphabetical and Number Series1
Rearrangement of Character in a word2
Order and Ranking1

 In seating arrangement one was from Circular seating arrangement with 8 people some facing inward and some outward. 2nd seating arrangement was from two parallel rows  with 12 people and 3rd was based on the stacking of box and was moderate tough.

Puzzle was based on the cars and their colour.

Questions of Syllogism were mostly from the possibility but not tough. If any candidate who studied this topic can easily solve all 5 questions within 3 minutes.

Chinese Coding was also easy or you can say questions and codes were directly asked but in the manner of like  what is the code for ” Success for Boom ” in which code of success and boom was given in the exam.

Question on Series was little bit tricky and require the exact knowledge to solve them.

 IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 10 September Aptitude:

Data Interpretation15
Quadratic equations5
Number Series ( Missing Number)5
Simplification ( Approximation)5
Ratio and Proportion1
Simple Interest ( Difference )1
Profit and Loss1
Time and Work ( Ratio based)1
Mixture and Allegation1
Area and Volume ( Cylinder)1
Problem on Ages1

Data interpretation was very simple based on the pie chart with percentage given for the shoe production and the total was 500. You can say the DI was the simplest one.

Simple interest question was based on the differences of two different rate and time for the same amount.

Time and work problem was based on the ration for exam a : b : c.

There was a question based on the ratio and percentage. In which they gave the ration between the different expenses and percentage of one expense and candidates have to find out the salary.

Questions of quadratic equations were mostly based on the
ax2 + bx + c = 0
dy2+ey + f  = 0
and in most questions the a or d was not 1.

Number series was based on the missing term. Two questions were based on the numbers in fraction like 3.5, 4, 8, 27, ?

So this was the today’s exam pattern and the level of questions was very low or you can say very easy. We are expecting that this year the cut off will be higher as compare to previous year.

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