IBPS Clerk Prelims Practice test – 3

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Read the Instructions Very Carefully Before Starting the Test. 

  • All Questions carrying equal Marks.
  • Negative marking is 1/4th.
  • For unattended or skipped question you will get 0 marks.
  • You can mark a question for review and it will turns Yellow in the question pellet.
  • All attempted questions will turn in Green color.
  • Unattended or skipped questions remain same in white.
  • You can directly goto the any question by clicking on the question number in the question pallet.
  • You can use Clear Answer option, If you selected any wrong answer or don’t want to give the answer.
  • You can directly move to next question by clicking on the next button.
  • This test can work in all mobile devices but we recommend you to attempt test on computer/Laptop.
  • You can Check the result after finishing the test with answer key and explanations.
  • 1-35 – Aptitude
  • 36-70 – Reasoning
  • 71-100 English


  1. Sir, Please give the correct answer details in view question, need not repeat whole paragraph every time for each ans.
    e.g. correction in sentence or error in sentence if possible please give reason test no.3.
    And no solution for Q no. 8,9,14 in Q Aptitude.

    • Hello Manohar, answer and solutions are correct as per our knowledge. As some questions using the same data so it is necessary to show it with each question, and the same question will appear in the view questions.

      We didn’t added the solution of some because these are simple calculation.
      Ex: In Q 8 You just have to add the number of all girls and then divide it by 5.

      Correct in Sentences: We will add hits to it.

      But your feedback is valuable for Us, So we will start adding, the solution of these type of question in our upcoming tests.


    • Hello Syyeda, solution of test are available at the end of the test. To check solution you have to click on the view answers button after finish of the test.

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