How to Use Yuvayana Exam Zone


We are very happy to announce that we are launching a new section for exam based tests i.e. This section is more advanced then our current section. Here our users can attempt Full length tests with the same exam layout with following features:

  • You can check your result anytime after finish of the test.
  • You can compare result with the topper.
  • You can get the All India Rank.
  • You can check the time spent on each question.
  • You can check category wise result.
  • Detailed exam analysis with graphical interface.
  • Save test option to attempt it later.
  • Test will automatically save if your system get off by any reason.
  • You can cheat with test even you want.
  • Email Notification for package purchased, result, test and new notification.
  • You can directly write to our admin if you face any problem from the dashboard.

and many more….

So now it’s time to tell you, How you can join our Yuvayana Exam Zone free step by step.

  1. Goto or Click Here.
  2. Enter your details for example Email, Address, Mobile Number.
  3. Choose the exams that you are preparing ( you have to choose at least 1  exam from the group option).
  4. Set your password for Yuvayana Exam Zone.
  5. Answer the security question ( this is a simple maths question you have to answer the result).
  6. Choose your photo or you can left it as it is.
  7. Click on Submit Button and your account is registered now.

How to activate Yuvayana Exam Zone account:

  1. Check your email : After clicking on submit button you will get an Email with your activation code.
  2. You can either click on the activation link in the email or you can manually enter the activation code to website.

How to add / purchase exams:

  1. Goto the Packages page from the dashboard or click on this link
  2. Now select the package that you want to purchase and click on add to cart.
  3. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  4. Now click on Place Order.
  5. Choose Payment Gateway and make payment.
  6. Your purchased exam will be added to your exam section.

How to attempt Test?

  1. Login to Yuvayana Exam Zone dashboard with your email and password.
  2. Goto the My Exam Section.
  3. Choose from available tests.

How to check result of tests?

  1. Goto the Yuvayana Exam Zone dashboard.
  2. Click on My Results option.
  3. Choose the test for that you want to check your result.

If you face any problem, please feel free to connect with us via comment, email or whatsapp : 8755077650.


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